10 Best Stores like Home Depot You Should Try Once (2023) (2023)

10 Best Stores like Home Depot You Should Try Once (2023) (1)

When you think or even so much as hear the words “home improvement”, your mind automatically wanders to Home Depot and with good reason. This American company has reached new heights with its product variety and quality. One trip to Home Depot and you can rest assured you will find everything you could possibly need or want right in that store.

It’s no surprise that Home Depot has managed to take its business to new heights by expanding to Mexico and Canada as well. It currently has a whopping 2,200+ stores and 400,000 employees. Can’t make out time to visit Home Depot? Don’t worry, they have got you covered. All you have to do is visit their online commercial website and you have over 1 million products at your disposal.

From electrical appliances to décor & furniture, hardware, plumbing, storage, tools, etc. they have got it all! Even so,

Below mentioned are the top 10 best stores like Home Depot, for those of you who want to get a little versatile.


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One of the most loved and celebrated retailers in America, Target essentially has everything and is not limited to home improvement products only. Food, garments, essentials, toys, Target offers a range of products in myriad categories. But their diversity does not indicate the low quality or exorbitant prices.

On the contrary, their products are almost always available at discounted rates. Their home section alone has almost a million products so it would be almost strange if you came out not liking something. And to be fair, whoever could resist their simple yet elegant furnishings, pastel-colored home items that are freshly styled to keep up with the latest trends and seasons.

Target has only become a favorite thanks to its exceptional service and value for customer demand. They have some of the best brands roped in, fair-priced goods for everyone to enjoy, and an attractive arrangement is just the cherry on the top.


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Perhaps it’s quite telling how far we humans have come for nearly every household to shop from the very popular online retailer Amazon, an exclusive e-commerce company. Now the largest retailer in the market, Amazon had humble beginnings and started out by selling books, movies, and TV series. Currently, it has every item imaginable.

No matter how big or tiny, crucial or unimportant, luxurious or cheap, your product is, Amazon.com will deliver. Amazon owes its popularity to the extensive range of products and their sheer diversity, ease of purchase, speedy delivery and the customer review section is ever helpful.

You could furnish your entire home in any kind of style you want: bohemian, urban, vintage, Hollywood luxe without ever leaving your home. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, lawn, garden, Amazon can help decorate every nook and cranny of your home. Don’t like something that you bought? Return it and or exchange it. There’s no way you could go wrong with Amazon.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

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We understand that some things you just “have” to buy for your home like a bed, chairs, and tables, sofas, etc. These are essential goods and people do not exactly pay much heed while shopping for these home items, they just need to serve their purpose, right? They actually more of the decorating than the “home décor”.

And Bed, Bath and Beyond is a firm believer in that concept. They have the most unique & original pieces you will come across for every category of home goods there is. And there is always plenty to choose from, so much so you will be spoilt for choices. They like to keep their style simple and sophisticated yet there is nothing “simple” about the quality of products they sell.

Each product offered by Bed, Bath & Beyond has an air of aristocracy attached to them, no matter how common the item may be. Want to decorate your home as you see in those aesthetic Instagram posts or high-end luxury magazines? Head to Bed, Bath & Beyond, we promise you won’t be disappointed. However, it is recommended to shop from their store location rather than bank on their online services.


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The multinational American retail corporation, Walmart is a name that is familiar to people all across the globe, even though it does not operate in every country of the world (as of yet, but they will get there for sure). Much like its competitor Target, Walmart houses literally everything under the sun. If Amazon was a retail store, it would probably look very much like Walmart. Walmart has made a permanent spot for itself as the world’s biggest retailer.

Whether it is for your monthly grocery shopping, an ode to finding something unique and zany for a little DIY, a sudden necessity to restock on the basic necessities of life at a meagre price or to set out on a home improvement project – Walmart has got your back. Not only are their products very versatile but they are also quick to adapt to the changing trends in the market.

It’s also no secret that Walmart holds some of the biggest sales but their products are almost always available at discounted rates and fit customers from every income range. So, drive down to your nearest Walmart store and pile your cart with every home improvement you could need, everything you need is after all there itself.


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Lowe’s is one of the top names in home improvement. Founded way back in 1946, the American company has been in business for 70 years, runs 2300+ stores, has amassed a loyal consumer-base and is ever-growing. They are solely devoted to offering the best of services to homeowners, art and style enthusiasts, architects, and interior designers.

More often than not, companies hire men and women despite them having no experience in the related field but Lowe’s isn’t about that life. From the CEO of the company to the managers, craftsmen and workers, every associate of Lowe’s is deeply connected and trained in matters of home improvement.

So, if you find yourself in a pickle at one of their stores, simply ask for any employees’ help. Not only are they always eager to help you but you also end up with a dozen helpful home improvement tips. Don’t feel like you could manage flooring, roofing or installing appliances? Don’t worry, Lowe’s offers installation services as well. Whether you are choosing to avail their in-store or online services, Lowe’s is your best bet when it comes to home improvement projects.


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IKEA is easily the most popular and prominent name in the furniture retail industry and it’s little surprise why. The collection they hold is so enormous that one would ideally have to spend hours in their store to go through every item. Beds, sofas, kitchenware, TV unit and storage closets, they really do have it all.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the retail company employs artisans from India, Thailand, Rome and Jordan to meticulously produce their handicrafts. If you’re visiting someone’s house and can’t get your eyes off something, it’s more than likely chance that the product is from IKEA.

It is, after all, everyone’s go-to furniture company. And despite gathering mass popularity, it has still kept its price quite affordable. They also provide other luxuries like home delivery, free assembly and installations and 90-day returns.

Even if home décor isn’t exactly your cup of tea, one trip to IKEA will be enough to inspire you. Whether you have recently moved into a new apartment or you’re looking to revamp your current home, IKEA will not disappoint you.


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Kohl’s extensively advertises itself as an apparel and accessories store which is why maybe its home section often gets overlooked. But anyone who has taken the time to really walk their way through the store or the website knows that it’s a treasure chest.

Filled to the brim with versatile, minimal aesthetic home items, Kohl’s would probably be 7 out of 10 interior designer’s first choice. If you want to make your room your comfort zone and decorate it with the most unique yet functional items, Kohl’s would make for the ideal store. Whatever your style may be, you can rest assure Kohl’s will be ready to serve.

Ace Hardware

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We are all about making our homes gorgeous but what about the essentials and the devices that we need to install them? This is where Ace Hardware comes in. Just as the name suggests, Ace Hardware is essentially a store for any and every kind of hardware you might be in the need for.

The brand is a big name in the home improvement sector and runs 5000+ stores but the way they operate is unique, original, and ever-helpful to its consumers. Each store is independently owned and operated by the entrepreneurs who are right in your area.

This ensures that every interaction you have at the store is close and personal and every member of the store is devoted to providing you with the best experience. With a wide variety of options from paint, grills & smokers, outdoor storages, chainsaws, heaters, and more, Ace Hardware will arm you with everything you would require to repair, adjust and beautify your home.

JC Penney

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The US-based departmental store, JC Penney offers a broad range of products. From furniture, clothing, apparel, accessories and so much more, you’re most likely to find everything at JC Penney.

They house many independent brands that not only provide top-notch quality but also magnificently stylish. You can rest assured that if you decorate your home JC Penney, you will be swimming in compliments the next time you decide to hold a lavish party at yours.

JC Penney doesn’t let you settle for things, it gives you exactly what you have in mind, maybe even more at times. Oh and look at for their sales. Trust us when we say they are major!


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Costco may not be solely dedicated to home improvement products but it is definitely their star category. They offer a wide range of products and services from groceries, clothing, electronics to cosmetics but is their home section products that sell like hotcakes.

This is a company that knows focuses on providing its consumers with the best of products in the most feasible prices. Their products are always top-tier, eye-catching, and yet fairly priced so as to ensure their consumers get optimal benefits. They also have membership opportunities which would give you access to lucrative deals and slashed prices.

There you go, now you are more than equipped to handle any “home improvement” emergency. Whether you are looking to settle down into your new apartment, trying to fix up a few loose ends of in your home, or simply looking to revamp your place; these 10 stores similar to Home Depot will live up to your expectations.


Who is Home Depot's biggest competitor? ›

The Home Depot's competitors

Walmart is a retail company that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Amazon is a company operating a marketplace for consumers, sellers, and content creators. Costco Wholesale Corporation is a company operating membership warehouses.

Who is better Lowes or Home Depot? ›

While prices on specific products can vary between the two stores, overall, they are relatively comparable. Home Depot often has lower prices on building materials and tools, while Lowe's may have better deals on appliances and home décor items.

How much does a Home Depot store make a day? ›

How Much Does The Home Depot Make A Day? The Home Depot makes $431.2M in a day.

What day does Home Depot mark down clearance? ›

If the sales price ends with . 06, then there are six weeks left before that item is priced lower. If the sales price ends with . 03, then that item will be moved to clearance or donated to charity in three weeks.

Who is Home Depot's biggest customers? ›

Numerator found that Home Depot's typical shopper is a middle-aged white man, who is married without children at home. They tend to live in the suburbs, have a college education, and earn more than $80,000 per year. The store is also especially popular among Hispanic or Latino shoppers.

Who are Home Depot's top 5 competitors? ›

Here is an in-depth analysis of top Home Depot's competitors and alternatives:
  • Lowe's. Year founded: 1946. ...
  • Amazon. Year founded: 1994. ...
  • True Value. Year founded: 1932. ...
  • Ace Hardware. Year founded: 1924. ...
  • Walmart. Year founded: 1962. ...
  • Menards. Year founded: 1958. ...
  • Target. Year founded: 1902. ...
  • Home Hardware. Year founded: 1964.


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