10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (2023)

Are you trying to find the top Android applications for scanning QR codes? And have you ever found yourself in a position where you keep downloading apps but end up uninstalling them all because it isn't the one that suits your needs?

When it comes to looking for the best QR code scanner, you will encounter dozens of these apps claiming its efficiency, but does it actually deliver satisfying results?

In this blog, we are going to give you my top 10 best picks when it comes to the best QR code and barcode scanner for iPhone and Android today!

Best QR code scanner apps and readers today

1. Bar-Code

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (1)

How do you scan a barcode with your phone? Easy. Use the Barcode app.

Barcode is one of the best QR code scanner apps for android in the market.

Now, let's have a throwback Thursday. The barcode app is one of the oldest existing QR code readers in the market.

But don't underestimate this app, this scanner supports a wide array of barcodes, which includes not only QR Codes but also ISBN, EAN, UPC, and so on.

The Barcode app is designed to share the information embedded in the code once scanned instead of accessing its content directly.

During the time period of its emergence, Bar-Code scanner has a whopping 3.500.000 downloads on iTunes. This app was developed by Roberto Sonzogni (PW2).

With the barcode scanner for iPhones and Android app, you can scan codes using your smartphone in photo mode. All you have to do is open the app, then tap on the main button to start scanning.

After scanning the code, the data, including the code's format, will be shown on your smart phone's device's screen.

You will then be given an option what you want to do with your scanned QR codes, either share them on different social media platforms like Google Drive, Facebook, Email, SMS and so on.

Moreover, if you want to know where the destination of your last scanned code, just click on the "Search on the last barcode on the internet" button.

This app is a free barcode scanner for iPhone and Android, but it has featured advertisements.

You can also remove the ads by paying $0.99.

Furthermore, there is also a Bar-Code Professional that carries multiple configuration options, but then you have to pay an amount of $3.99.

Price:Free(Remove Ads $0.99 – Professional $3.99)

Download on:AndroidandiPhone

2. QRTIGER app

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (2)QRTIGER is a free app wherein you can download it on both Android and iPhone. This is probably the best QR code scanner and QR code generator d all at the same time.

QRTIGER is a freshly released application just this year offered by the QRTIGER company. I find this software very easy and simple to set-up, even for first-timers.

It allows you to generate your QR codes and customize its overall appearance.

It provides various designing options that are mostly not present with the other apps.

QRTIGER is very well crafted, organized, has a very impressive overall theme, and I would say professionally developed as well.

Using the app, you are able to:

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  • Create your free URL QR code and free WIFI QR code
  • Custom-design the overall appearance of your QR code
  • Add a logo or image to your QR code that will represent your brand theme
  • Unlimited scans of your static QR code
  • Multiple designing options
  • Produce high-quality QR code images

Now, concerning the scanning capacity of the QR codes, most of the QR code generator app tends to have a maximum scanning capacity; for example, after ten scans, it already redirects you to the 404 error page, which makes the QR code un-usable after.

But, with the QRTIGER QR scanner app and QR code generator for iOS and android devices, you have unlimited scans. Yes, unlimited scans, which means your QR code will never expire, which got me into the final judgement of why it is one of the best and ideal apps to use.

It was able to meet my expectations when it comes to creating my QR codes. Furthermore, the scanning feature it has is quick to respond as well; it only takes a second to read the code.

Moreover, this app does not carry any annoying advertisements that pops-out on your smartphone screen every now and then.

With QRTIGER which is the best QR code generator app for iPhone and Android, you can have an uninterrupted QR code app experience.

It is a reliable app that also secures whatever data you encode behind your QR code.

It functions with optimal-security just like their QR code generator online platform, which caters and provides you various QR code features and solutions for all your QR code needs.

Price: Free

Download on:AndroidandiPhone

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (3)

3. QR Reader for Android

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (4)

QR Reader for Android is one best QR code scanner apps for android in 2022.This app has a quick and responsive reading capacity as well, and you can also download it for free.

It includes different features as well, such as scanning QR codes in real-time using your Android camera.

You can also share the data of the QR code on various social platforms like email, Facebook, or Twitter, has an integrated web browser and map view.

Moreover, this is also a QR code generator app that allows you to generate and produce your QR codes and share them with your contacts.

It has options like generating your business QR codes, which work great for business people, marketers, or advertisers but does not support iPhone devices.

Nonetheless, this is also one of the must-haves QR code reader apps in the market for Android users. It has an overall satisfaction customer rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

The Tapmedia company develops QR Reader for Android. However, what turns me off about this app is the constant pop-outs of ads, which can be bothersome. You can download this one of the best QR code readers for Android in 2021 now!


Download on:Android

4. i-Nigma

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (5)This code scanner is a multi-friendly code scanner, it allows you to scan QR Codes, EAN, barcodes, Data Matrix, UPC, etc. One of the app's main appealing features is its quick and fast QR code reading ability.

To scan the QR code using this app, you just need to open the application and point your smartphones camera device on the code you like to access and snap.

You can instantly share the content behind the code and share it in multiple ways.

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With the app's feature, it isn't as creative and stylish as the other apps you see, but the software makes up for its quality. It works fantastic when scanning custom-made QR codes even when the code colors are reversed, which means that the pattern color of the code is darker than its background color.

Moreover, this app will save all your scanned QR codes and its content in its history log, in case you might use them for future reference.

Plus, it allows you to compare prices of a variety of items sold at online retailer sites after you scan a barcode.

As one of the best QR code generator apps for iPhone and Android,i-nigma is also a free app and is available in all operating device systems, including Android, iPhone, blackberry, windows, which also makes it a must-have QR code scanner for all QR code enthusiasts.


Download on:Android

5. QR Code Maker

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (6)

Looking for a sleek and easy to navigate QR code reader? Well, QR code maker is on top of our list as one of the best QR code apps for Android in 2021! If you want more out of your app than just decoding QR codes, QR code maker is also one of the best apps to use if you want to generate your own QR codes.

It's easy and allows you to create different QR codes for your necessary contact details like your name, contact number, a website link, or an item.

Price: Free

Download on:iPhone

6. QuickMark

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (7)

This app is developed by SimpleAct Inc. and is a multi-barcode reader as well packed with multiple types of features, including scanning QR codes in bulk (we'll tackle about it later).

Upon opening the QuickMark app, you'll notice that once scanning a code; the frame can be adjustable. This is one of its features that is great and well-thought-of by the developer, I would say.

You will have the option to scale the frame of the code using this app for it to fit precisely and interpret it, which is convenient and excellent to use if the code has cluttered background designs, for example.

Moreover, it also provides essential functions like sharing and saving the codes you scanned and allows you to personalize the experience with your QR codes because it's a QR code creator at the same time. Generating QR code using this app is at ease and quick to set-up.

Now, on to QuickMark's specialty: bulk scanning, this lets you scan multiple QR codes and allows you to save each unique URL of the code.

Most of the QR code reader app will ask you queries like if you want open, share or save the link of scanned code.

But, using this app, you can instantly skip this process as the content of the code will be directly saved for later purposes. However, it does not offer you unlimited scanning capacity and will cost you $1.99.

With QuickMark as one of the best QR code generator apps for iPhone, it is alsoavailable for free on iPhone and Android. This app also provides a great user experience nevertheless and shouldn't be missed out on giving it a try as well.

Price:Free (Continuous Scan $1.99)

Available on:AndroidandiPhone

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7. Scan

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (8)

The Scan has landed on the top 6 as one of the best QR code scanner apps for Android in 2021 and also developed by the company Scan.me. So what does this software has got to offer? Let's find it out.

Scan app is similar to Scan's QR code reader app but with more added and advanced features and is probably in its best, fullest edition.

Just like the other QR code reader, you have to open your camera's feature to scan QR codes and barcodes. This app features a more detailed and comprehensive list of your overall scans, whether it's the most recent or the oldest scanned QR code.

If you are not a satisfied user with its previous app, you should try considering installing this app too.

So, if you've been wondering how to scan a barcode with your phone, this is the answer. This is very refreshing to use, simple, but has a quality and not cluttered-looking.


Download on:Android

8. QR Droid

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (9)

QR Droid is one of thebest QR code readers for Android in 2021.

ThisQR code scanner app is only exclusive for Android devices. It has an overall user satisfaction of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

This app is not just merely a QR code, Barcode, and Matrix scanning app, but more than that, it also allows you to create your QR code, and yes, it is a QR code maker and scanner in one.

The QR codes created using this app are also known as XQR codes, in which you can use these QR codes for linking them to any content, data, or information you would like.

Aside from it, it enables you to personalize your QR code as well, share and track the statistics. QR Droid occupies a 12mb installation size, which is not quite surprising the fact that it acts as a scanner and QR code maker at the same time.

So if you've been looking for a QR code reader and a QR code generator under one umbrella, QR Droid is also one of the best choices to consider, but only for Android, unfortunately.


Download on:Android

9. Kaspersky's QR Scanner

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (10)

Kaspersky's QR Scanner is not a multi-barcode reader and only scans QR code. There, I said it. But- this scanner has a quality and very unique on its own. Now, let's find out what that is!

This scanner might only read QR codes, but it provides security and will protect you from malicious online sites containing unsafe QR code data links that could expose you to viruses and malware.

This is one of the most important features you should check in a QR code scanner, and this makes Kaspersky outstanding from the other apps and why it is excellent to use as well.

Now, just like some other apps mentioned above, Kaspersky stores your scanned QR code as well.

It has its own browser, so you can skip having to pause and choose where the information of your QR code will be displayed as it will be automatically displayed on your smartphone screen using this app.

(Video) How to Scan QR Code on iPhone 📱 | NO APP NEEDED

Although Kaspersky doesn't come with a share button option, you might as well just copy the URL of the QR code link and just share them later if it's necessary.

With regards to the scanning capacity of this app, it's not really as speedy as you might expect them to be. But as what I've said, it protects and secures your device from malicious QR code linked to sites.

Thus, it will take some amount of time to analyze the data encoded in the code to ensure that the landing page is safe for you to access. So Kaspersky, it is much understandable.

So if you are not so much in a rush to scan the QR code, this QR reader app is great to use to scan QR codes! Also one of thebest QR code scanner apps for Android in 2021.


Download on:AndroidandiPhone

10. Zapper

10 Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 (11)

Image Source

Zapper app is a different app from the apps that we talked about in the previous lists. Yes, this uses QR codes, however, in a different kind of approach.

Moreover, this is also one of the best QR code readers for Android in 2021.

Zapper is an app designed and developed for payment functions using your mobile devices, developed by Zapper Limited that was earlier released on February 14 this year.

Using this app, you will be able to pay conveniently and cashless using this app QR code.

Now that is, if you're looking for an easy pay-out app, then Zapper is for you as it supports direct payments.

You only need to take your smartphone device out from your pocket.

Once you have installed Zapper, you'll be asked to fill out in your personal information details such as your name, phone number, email, etc.

After that, choose what type of payment method is convenient and best for you, and you're already equipped to use Zapper.

And if you're worried about the ins and outs of your money transactions, Zapper company ensures that your payments are well-secured, safe, and your card details encrypted.

Zapper's features include speedy, quick, and easy payment transactions, tracks the total of your payment receipts, splitting bills with your colleagues and friends, and made it easy for you to find near-by restaurants around your place and provides easy access to vouchers and discounts.

Price: Free

Download on:AndroidandiPhone

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